Why Unifi


Values – What Guides Us


We believe in what we do, we are excited about the impact of our work, and we have fun doing it.



We are honest, ethical, and committed to doing what’s right.


We are mindful of how our actions, words, and decisions affect our employees, customers, and partners.

Vision & PURPOSE

Where We Are Going &
Why We Do What We Do

Our vision is to be the most respected company by providing an exceptional experience getting aircraft and passengers to their destination safely.

Our purpose is to Elevate People.

Our History

Taking Pride in Our Past. Looking Forward to the Future

Unifi has decades of experience in the aviation services industry. We continue to innovate, adapt, and grow by leaning on our experience and expertise in airline ground services.

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We celebrate our people and invite our employees and partners to show up as their true selves every day.

Mutual Respect

We treat others with courtesy and dignity and expect the same in return.


We are focused on performing with continuous feedback.


We celebrate wins! We take pleasure in recognizing the achievements of our team members and clients.

Our Commitment to Safety

Unifi is committed to safeguarding our employees, customers, and the environment by promoting a culture where safety is never compromised for any other business priority.

To Our Employees

Controlling hazards through training, education, risk identification, and following Unifi’s mission and vision.

To Our Customers

Ensuring no damage is done to aircraft and ground service equipment through safe work habits, following procedures, and individual accountability.

To the Environment

Preventing and removing spills, properly manage waste, and understand and adhere to regulatory and company responsibilities.

Our Team

Dedicated to Helping Your Organization Shine

Unifi prides itself not only on performance-driven solutions but also on the talent of its people. Featuring some of the brightest minds in our industry, our Leadership Team leverages their diverse industry experience – from Fortune 500s to Silicon Valley Startups – to provide our clients with best-in-class solutions and an unrelenting commitment to safety, quality, and service.

We All Strive to Be Personal Leaders in Safety

It must be an integral part of what we do. It is the expectation that every individual takes the necessary steps to promote a positive safety culture and ensure the health, safety and security of our employees and customers.

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